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Okay... so it turns out I haven't been keeping up on my blog posts. In-fact, I have rarely done any blog posts at all, I guess it's all just been a bit too manic! 

So I thought I'd write a general update about my weddings videos in 2017 and what the plan is for Ben Radley Wedding Films going forward in 2018 and beyond. Each year since I started on this crazy journey, it has grown and grown very quickly. I could say 'I didn't expect it', but I love what I do and I have put in the work to make that happen.

Last year (2017) sent me all across the UK I filmed weddings in Cambridge, Gloucester, Somerset, Herefordshire and beyond. As well as in my more local spots such as the New Forest, Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester and the super local (hometown) Salisbury. Travelling to so many different locations to create wedding videos sparks so much creativity within me as each location, venue and wedding couple are completely different. 

If you need any inspiration for your wedding here are some of the venues I shot at last year: 

This is just a selection, there were many more which I might create a whole blog post about in the future, but these were just the ones I remember at the time of writing! 

I always look back on my films and see constant improvement with each one, so I genuinely always believe the last one I did is the best so far. Each time I tweak and improve, that's how this creative game works, it's never-ending. My wedding videos went through so many changes and improvements last year, the variety of weddings helped with that. What you see of my work now is the most satisfied I have been with the quality of work I produce for my wedding couples. 

In 2018 - the wedding season has already begun - I hope to further grow and expand my reach and variety of weddings that I shoot. I love unique weddings, I love driving to new locations I have never been to before, exploring them on a wedding day and shooting something special. 

I hope Ben Radley Wedding Films continues to work with amazing couples and make creative, unique wedding films. I love what I do, and I genuinely feel a great connection with every couple.  Long may that continue. 

Ben Radley

Below is my 2018 Wedding Film Showreel for those of you that haven't already seen it on other areas of my website: 

Rachel & Jamie | Owl Lodge, Lacock

3rd September 2016

Quite possibly the happiest couple EVER! Rachel & Jamies wedding at The Owl Lodge in Lacock could not have been a rainier more miserable day... BUT it did not matter whatsoever. Rachel & Jamie just smiled their way through the day and adapted without a stress in the world. They just enjoyed themselves and so did every single guest. The rain meant I had to adapt my filming and it really does test your skills as a wedding videographer when you have to find unique couple shots indoors. I fortunately worked with a fantastic photographer in James Green Photographer to come up with some unique shots throughout the day.

I love filming weddings and every time the couple come back overjoyed at what you have produced for them you just know it was all worth it. Rachel & Jamie were so happy with their final package. The wedding trailer below captures the constant joy on their faces throughout their wedding day: