FAQ's - Ben Radley Wedding Films

Why Should I have a wedding film?

Ever since I started filming weddings the one thing I get told the most is 'oh I wish I had my wedding filmed, it was my biggest regret' and the one thing I get told the most from couples that book me is 'it was the best thing I spent my money on'.

Your wedding day really does go so quickly, people spend a lot of money on their wedding day, they will always have a photographer, but bafflingly some choose not to have a wedding film or they 'didn't budget for it'. I always sound like I am selling it to people when I say it but you will regret not budgeting for it, photographs don't capture the sounds, the speeches, the vows and they can't be formatted into something you can watch over and over again.

The day flies by, I am there to make sure every element of that day remains on film, the sound of the guests mingling, the laughs, the congratulations, the cheers, all put to a beautifully selected soundtrack that suits your day and edited in a way that looks like a cinematic movie. 

I cannot express enough how much I believe every couple should have one, that's not said because I want people to pay me to do it, it's said because I genuinely believe they are the best way to bring your day back to life.

How do you film a wedding?

Throughout the day I pride myself on staying as inconspicuous as possible, gone are the days of giant shoulder mounted cameras. I have two very compact but incredibly good cameras and I stay in the shadows for the majority, but interacting just enough to have a good time with the guests and the happy couple. I have so many amazing reviews from couples saying they didn't even notice I captured some of the moments that I did and they were so shocked & in tears when they saw the final product. 

I capture everything naturally, but in a way that looks like a fully produced cinematic film. I take about 5/10 minutes of your time where I might ask you to pose for a few shots, usually around the same time as the photographer does, but apart from that, it's all natural. 

How do you capture audio?

For the ceremony I clip a tiny microphone onto the groom, so when the bride and groom turn to face each other I get perfect audio of the both of them and I can be stood over the other side of the room or tucked away without disturbing. On the unlikely event that these microphones ever stop working, I usually have a second camera running to pick the audio and video up as a back up. 

For speeches I prefer if all speakers can use a proper microphone, I then tend to wrap my own microphone around the microphone provided at the venue, so when it is passed from speaker to speaker, my microphone goes with it and captures perfect audio. 

How do we pay?/is there any discount?/I can't afford a videographer.

I thought I'd put anything regarding money under one title. To book I just require a 20% deposit, you don't have to pay in full until two months prior to the wedding, but you can pay in two or three instalments if you prefer.

I don't offer discount, I keep my prices very low for the amount of work/hours I put into creating the perfect film. If you can't afford it and you really want a wedding film, I would really look at re-budgeting for your wedding (refer to why to have a wedding film at the top), I physically can't charge any less than I do, as I don't want to rush anyones wedding film package and I really do spend hours upon hours editing each one, that's on top of the hours I spend at your wedding, travelling and meeting you beforehand. 

Yes there might be cheaper wedding video suppliers, but if you take the time to look at their work, the quality of the shots and the editing, there will be a large difference in the quality and time taken over it. I am a perfectionist and I love every couple who's wedding I film, I want to take time in making their film perfect. 

Can we choose the music?

No, unfortunately you cannot choose your own music, for two reasons;

1) It's all part of the creative process, through meeting you and through your wedding day I learn the 'style' of the couple and your wedding, I will select music that suits the soundtrack of your day from professionally licensed music suppliers that create music specifically for film. I have never made a wrong choice yet... fingers crossed. I often spend hours just searching for the right music, it's a long process that is all part of the editing.

2) I can't license Coldplay or Beyonce or Bruno Mars. Any 'wedding videographer' that uses these tracks in their wedding films is doing so illegally. I license from professional websites that make incredible, unique music for video and makes your film stand out, much more than a generic pop track would anyway.

How long are you at the wedding?

I arrive during the bridal preparation and I stay usually till about an hour after the first dance. I go once I know I have everything I need to create you the best film possible. I don't limit it by a certain amount of hours, I know how long I need to be with you to capture everything, however it is usually around 10-12 hours. 

Do you require feeding?

Yes please, they are long days, I will usually sit down to eat when you do, most of the time the bride and groom just ask for an extra meal of what their guest are having, it's probably the most hassle free way, or sometimes a tab behind a bar or restaurant depending on the venue.

Is there anything we can do to make our wedding film even better?

Yes... there are a number of things that will improve the quality of your wedding film:

1) Prior to the wedding, make me aware of any speakers, either at the ceremony or during speeches, so that I can make sure there is a high quality microphone of some sort in front of them.

2) A designated space for the speakers during the speeches to stand where a microphone can be is always handy and will mean I can set up to capture the best audio to play over your wedding films. 

3) Provide a microphone for the speeches - either from an MC or from the venue, this is usually possible. I tend to wrap my own microphone around the microphone provided, this way I can avoid clipping mics onto various speakers. 

4) Children - most weddings have children in attendance, but particularly during ceremonies they tend to be a little loud. This can sometimes ruin the audio on your wedding film. Minimising this can often help improve the audio quality. 

5) Readings - writing your own vows, or taking the time to write a nice card to one another that you read out on camera in a quiet room so it's not too awkward allow for really nice words to be played underneath the film. If you'd like to come up with something creative, just mention it to me.

Do you work with photographers?

I work incredibly well with every photographer I work with. I am very chilled out, I don't stress about anything all day and I will work with anyone also trying to capture the day. 

There are some photographers I have worked with on numerous occasions and if you are looking for recommendations please do not hesitate to ask. 

When will we receive our wedding film?

I try to produce the 1-2 minute trailer asap after the wedding, usually within three weeks, I will provide you with an online link to this. I will then produce the film usually within 2-3 months of the wedding, again providing a link. Once you have received both of these, I will package everything up and send it to you on a USB stick, I also provide the film on a DVD.