Ben Radley - Filmmaker and Creator

Filmmaking is my passion. I love capturing weddings and creating something that lasts a lifetime.


My name is Ben Radley, I am a filmmaker and wedding videographer from Salisbury and I am a true believer in following your passion. My passion is storytelling and capturing moments that last a lifetime.

My films are a souvenir of your wedding day, they are not boring hour long wedding films with clips thrown together. I spend HOURS editing and I obsess over every little second to make my trailers, short films or highlight films perfect for you. From the initial meeting I am already piecing together your wedding film in my head, understanding you as a couple and mapping out how I am going to film your day.

I'm not satisfied with creating the same wedding film for each couple. I want to innovate, improve and tell better stories with every wedding video I shoot. 


Every couple has the greatest story to tell and your wedding is such a big day, you want someone that's truly cares about you and your wedding day. I am not just another 'wedding supplier', I am not just here to show up shoot and leave, I am here to invest in you as a couple, get to know you and really create something special. 

 I always believe there are new things to learn and that there is always a way to make the next wedding film the best one yet. When you watch your film or trailer, I want you to feel all the emotions of the day. I will tell your story and capture it in the best way I possibly can.

I travel all over the UK to film weddings & worldwide.

So if you would like me to create my best film yet on your special day, click the button below.

For more information on anything specific, please read my FAQ's

Salisbury Wedding Videographer - Ben Radley